Innovation beyond Image.

Eagle is built on an intelligent platform that allows upgrade between versions! Pan today, 3D tomorrow.

Eagle Technology

3 in 1 system

Pan, Ceph and 3D, all in only one device.

Eagle V-Beam

Variable Cone-Beam, an exclusive technology developed by Dabi Atlante, guarantees high definition in images with FOV of 5x5, 6x8 and 8x8, and also allows for capturing images of larger dimensions (up to 23x16).


5x5 - 6x8 –8x8 - 8x12 - 8x16 – 13x16 - 18x16 - 23x16.

80µm resolution

The Eagle 3D has different resolutions with Isotropic Voxel between 80 and 500 µm.


Eagle is built on an intelligent platform that allows upgrade between versions! You can buy a Pan system and upgrade later to Ceph and 3D.

Easily Patient Positioning

The adjustable height of between 1,20m and 2m, for the frontal positioning of the patient in relation to the operator, tooth clamp with swivel brake, chin support, temple support and three laser beams, guaratee precise positioning of the patient.

On Demand

One of the most renowned software for tomographic reports in the world. The software offers a friendly interface, availability of resources/functions, speed in processing, security, and total display/management of the generated images.

Automatic Processing

Regardless of the chosen profile, the images are automatically processed and displayed within the sharpen, brightness and contrast parameters previously determined, giving agility to the workflow and standardization of the exams.

DICOM Server

The Eagle DICOM Send software tool permits the instant transmission of images generated by Eagle to storage and sharing systems in physically separate locations; an extremely useful resource for clinical networks that can decentralize image acquisition and centralize reports.

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